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What is the date of the Event?

The date of the event is 22nd June 2019.

What age groups are allowed to participate?

All Men, Woman and Children within the following age groups can participate

- Age 17 and Over

- Age 4 - 12 Years

How do I register for the event?


To register for Kick for a Cause click on the "Register your interest to play in KFAC 2019" and complete the form.


To register for Kick for a Cause click on the "Click to Register" and complete the form.

What is the format of the day?

The details of the day are;

- Adults 8:00am - 12:02am

- Children aged 4 - 12 12:42am - 14:42pm

- Adults 14:52pm - 20:45pm

All Children football matches are 10 minutes long

All Adult football matches are 10 minutes long


- Stalls and Inflatables 11:00am - 16:00pm  

What time do Players need to attend?

All players must register on the day to be given their team T-Shirt;

- Adults 7:30am

- Children aged 4 - 12 12:15am

What time does Kick for a Cause finish?

Kick for a Cause will approximately finish at the following times;

- Adults 20:30pm

- Children aged 4 - 12 15:00pm

Do I have to be good at football?

Kick for a cause wants to encourage players of all abilities therefore the standard is extremely mixed and men, women and children of all abilities are welcome. 

How does the fundraising work?

Every player is required to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship;

- Adult - £25

- Under 17's - £15

Every registered player will be provided with their own fundraising page. In addition all registered players will receive an information pack that will contain further information and a manual sponsorship form that needs to be returned to Hazlemere Youth Centre once completed.

Are there player incentives?

Yes. There are player incentives please look below to see the incentives.


If an adult player raises the required amount of sponsorship they will be entitled to the following;

- £ 25 - Free Bacon or Sausage Bap

- £ 30 - Free Bacon or Sausage Bap and Lunch

- £ 50 - Free Bacon or Sausage Bap, Lunch and Dinner

If an under 17's player raises the required amount of sponsorship they will be entitled to the following

- £30 - Free Lunch

What’s the tournament structure?

The tournament is designed to represent a league format every team will play a minimum of fifteen 10 minute games.

so that teams play the same number of games. The number of games are listed below;

- Adults League - 56 Matches

- Adults Tournament - 7 Matches

- Age Group 4 - 12 - 12 Matches

What rules will we play?

Kick for a Cause will observe the following 5 a side rules

- Only Goalkeepers are allowed inside the semi circle area

- Goalkeepers have to roll the ball out of their area

- If a goalkeeper rolls the ball out to a team mate the ball must touch 2 players before the ball can be returned to the keeper

- No sliding tackles

- No Handballs

Breaking these rules will result in the following and is at the sole digression of the officiating referee;

- Yellow Card and Player sent to the sin bin for 2 minutes

- Red Card and team plays remainder of match with a reduced player

- Indirect Free Kick. Defending team must retreat a minimum of one yard

- Penalty Kick (Penalty kicks are allowed a one step run up)

What do I need to bring?

We will provide you with T-Shirts and it is recommended that you wear shorts, Shin Pads, Socks and Astro/Indoor Trainers. The matches will be played on a concrete floor. There will be food and drink facilities on site.

Why are we running this event?

The Hazlemere Youth Centre provides many community events. The Youth Centre currently has a concrete floor and is in need of an upgrade. We are aiming to raise enough money to replace the old concrete floor with a new Spring loaded floor.


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